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QuickBooks Reports Help You Maintain Balanced Inventory Levels

Running out of products too frequently? Having to sell cheap because inventory is overloaded? Use QuickBooks’ reports. It seems so simple in theory. Don’t overstock goods because you’ll tie up too much money and perhaps need a clearance sale to … Continue reading

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Billing for Time and Expenses: How It Works

QuickBooks handles billable expenses capably, but it’s critical that you understand the process thoroughly before proceeding.   Billing for inventory parts is easy. Pick the items from a list and specify a quantity. Poof. Done.   Billing for costs, time … Continue reading

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Quickbooks Can Help You in Cutting Expenses Key To Profitability, But How? Some Tips

It may seem like a no-brainer – cut expenses to make more money – but many small changes can result in significant savings.   It looks like the economy may finally be looking up. Still, this is no time to … Continue reading

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Portable Productivity: Smartphones Do Invoices, Expenses, Time Billing

These three web-based apps – accessible via your smartphone — provide mobile access to QuickBooks data.   Accounting in the cloud is closer than you might think. In fact, it’s here, in some cases. QuickBooks Online, of course, is entirely … Continue reading

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QuickBooks Income Tax Reports And Filtering Options: Target The Right Output

April 15 is getting uncomfortably close.   QuickBooks, of course, can’t do your taxes for you. But it helps you lay some of the groundwork. Following up on last month’s column on customizing reports, we’ll look at the program’s tax-related … Continue reading

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